Universal, timeless, economical

Improved rings to prevent rainwater from entering the interior. Spirit levels to facilitate correct installation. Available in diameters of 125 and 150 mm, insulated and with condensate discharge.

Variants available

Smartline fi 125 nieocieplony
Smartline fi 125 fireplaces in non-insulated version with condensate drain. The product can be used as a sewage vent.

Smartline fi 125 insulated
Smartline ventilation chimney in an insulated version with a condensate outlet. The product can be used to vent sewage systems.

Smartline fi 150 nieocieplony
Smartline ventilation chimney with a diameter of 150 mm, without insulation, with condensate discharge. The product can be used as a sewage vent and at the end of a gravitational ventilation stack.

Smartline fi 150, insulated
Smartline fi 150 ventilation chimney, insulated with condensate discharge. The product can be used to vent the sewage system and to terminate gravitational ventilation risers.


Product Features

The rings
ensure free airflow and prevent rainwater, leaves and other dirt from entering the ventilation duct.

available in a version without and with insulation providing additional protection against freezing and accumulation of condensation.

The condensate drainage system
prevents moisture from accumulating in the ventilation duct and freezing inside the fireplace.

Spirit levels
facilitate precise and ergonomic vertical installation of the fireplace.

A wide range of
roof transition bases adapted to the most popular roof coverings made of sheet metal, ceramic and concrete tiles, shingles and thermally weldable felt.

Exhaust pipe
A system connection element is always arranged perpendicularly to the roof surface. It enables easy installation of accessories such as a condenser or a Kronoflex pipe.