Durable, functional, aesthetic

The fireplace is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, produced using pressure casting technology. High aesthetics of the finish are guaranteed by varnish in a color matching the original ceramic roof tile.


Product Features

The height of the fireplace allows for the creation of a natural draft in the ventilation duct.

Condensate discharge system – water vapor condensed in the fireplace bowl escapes through holes made for this purpose.

High-quality varnish and aluminum products are painted according to the individual customer’s order in the color and structure of the roof tile. The varnish is resistant to weather conditions and UV exposure.

Adjustment to the roof angle – a wide range of adjustments in the range of 10-45 degrees. Vertical stabilization of the product using the self-drilling screws included in the set.

Exhaust pipe – an ergonomic connection element, equipped with an additional condensate outflow, that allows easy connection of the fireplace with the ventilation duct.

System accessories – products compatible with accessories such as Kronoflex connection pipes and condensate condenser.