Innovative rotating ventilation chimney

The rotational movement of the base creates negative pressure in the ventilation duct. The design prevents rainwater and dirt from entering the interior. Ball bearing with grease leakage lock guarantees long service life. Colors and bases matched most roofing materials.

Variants available

Rotoline Spherical

The volume of the rotating bowl of the Rotoline spherical fireplace ensures the best efficiency of gravitational ventilation.

Rotoline oblong

The elongated shape of the rotary cowl enables a series installation of fireplaces without the risk of collision of the working cowls



Product Features

cowl – the fireplace head rotates under the influence of the wind, the rotational movement creates negative pressure, increasing the draft in the ventilation duct and reducing the occurrence of the so-called reverse thrust.

The ball bearing
of the turbine is mounted on a special bearing, which is flooded with high-quality oil. The solution guarantees the long-term smooth operation of the base.

Exhaust pipe
system connection element always arranged perpendicularly to the roof slope

Two shapes of the base
allow serial or individual assembly of rotary fireplaces.

The condensation drainage system
prevents the accumulation of moisture in the ventilation duct and its freezing inside the fireplace.

System accessories
The fireplace is compatible with accessories such as a condensate condenser and Kronoflex connection pipes.