Roof Ventilators

Effective roof ventilation

Roof ventilators are used to ventilate the space between the rafters and the roof slope in buildings.

Variants available

SIMPLE roof vent
Used on newly constructed shingle coverings, on roofs with a slope of more than 25 degrees. The vent is entirely covered with shingles, making it a coherent whole with the roof.

Simple fireplaces
they are used for ventilation of thermally weldable roofing felt on flat roofs. They are responsible for the removal of water vapor and gases from the roofing felt. They come in two sizes – fi 75 and 110 mm.

Roof vent
designed for ventilation of the roof slope of sloping roofs with the angle of inclination of the roof from 15 degrees. The roof vent is available in full colors in combination with a full range of bases for various roofing materials.


Product Features

Versatility of use
The product is suitable for most roofing materials available on the market.

Safety grille
The product has a built-in grille that prevents dirt and animals from getting under the roof.

The product is made of high-quality, mass-dyed polypropylene, with an additive protecting against UV.

Ventilation of the roof slope
prevents dampness of the insulating material.

Ventilation of the roof surface
prevents long-term moisture of the surface covering from below.

Roof ventilation
reduces the temperature of the roofing.