Flatline Roto-s

Firefighters on ventilation chimneys

The fireman’s design prevents rainwater from entering the ventilation chimney, regardless of the direction and strength of the wind.

Variants available

NKSM-2-_ – Flatline Roto S on muff
A product for installation in a groove, which is adapted to ventilation blocks diameter of 150 or 14 x 14 cm

NKSK-2-_ – Flatline Roto S with flange
The product is mounted on a flange with dimensions of 247 x 198 mm.

NKSR-_-_ – Flatline Roto-S with reduction
Possibility of mounting the fireman on a PVC pipe with a diameter of 110 or 125 mm.



Product Features

The swivel head adjusts to the wind, preventing rainwater from entering the ventilation duct.

Ball bearing – patented bearing protection system ensures that oil does not leak and the bearing does not seize.

Condensate discharge system for additional protection against condensate flowing back into the ventilation duct

The colors make it possible to match the base to the building.

Product variants are available with a socket, or flange, with or without adapters.

The material
is made of high-quality PP, UV-resistant and mass-dyed. It has extraordinary color durability.